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Launch your page

(one-off) Fee of ฿5,000*

1 X Unique/dedicated page
(no adverts)
1 X unique web-link
1 X formated OG Image/text
Upto 30 image gallery
1 X Personal quote
Property description text
Google maps location link.
Video on our YouTube Channel.


Optional Refresh

Optional Refresh


Move to top of page listing
Make text alterations
Make image alterations

Or all of above combined.


Success Refund*


*confirmation required!

Upon successful completion of sale we will return ฿1,000 and move your listing to the "sold" page.


Agent Pack (commision free)

* Minnimum 10 properties (pages),
* Property Page ฿4,000/each,
* 20 images (supplied) per property,
* Text area (text supplied),
* Direct Messenger/email links,
* Video link or Iframe,
* Google maps link,
* Unique Url for each page.

Alterations subject to current "optional refresh" policy price.

Success Refund subject to current "success refund" policy, amount wll be given as "credit towards "next Property posted".

Properties posted beyond the 10th property will be charged individually at ฿4,000/each minus any accumulated credit.

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